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What is Forex?
Forex (currency exchange) is a virtual platform where you can exchange one currency for another, as well as trade other assets like futures, metals, stocks, and more. Forex is gaining more and more popularity due to its high liquidity.
What are indices?
A stock index is an instrument that consists of stocks of companies combined according to certain criteria (sector of the economy, popularity, etc.). The index helps to find out the average value of a basket of stocks that are included in it, as well as track the dynamics of securities in a particular sector.
What are shares?
Shares are a type of securities that a company issues to raise additional funds aimed at improving the company and releasing new products. You can both trade and invest in stocks, that is, you can profit from regular dividend payments. Also, this type of securities is an excellent solution in order to diversify your portfolio of assets.
What are commodities?
Commodities are agricultural products (soft goods) or extracted from the ground (hard goods). The first category of commodities includes what was grown from the ground: wheat, corn, soybeans. The hard commodities include everything that is extracted from the earth: metals, oil, gas, and so on.

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